op5 solves the monitoring puzzle with seamless integration for hybrid IT

As IT environments become increasingly complicated, it is vital for monitoring tools to work together, with seamless integration and shared architecture. Simplicity in the complex has always been a key phrase for Swedish software developer op5. Today they announce the biggest product launch in the company’s history, and truly unified monitoring is at the heart of their announcement.

The coming weeks will see the release of not only an updated version of their flagship software solution, op5 Monitor 7.2, as well as a brand-new product, op5 Standard, but also updates to their apps for Smartphone and their SaaS offering, op5Live. All products work seamlessly together or independently, allowing customers to securely integrate their systems and access their data from anywhere.

“This unprecedented release is the result of months of hard work in our development teams,” said Christian Nilsson, Product Manager at op5. “We’re eager to see how these changes are received by our users.”

Improvements to speed, scalability, security, UX and initial setup

op5 Monitor has been updated to version 7.2, an amalgamation of all micro releases between 7.1.0 and 7.1.9 . “We’ve aimed to always improve on our biggest priorities, namely the security in our software, as well as scalability and simplicity,” said Christian Nilsson. “User experience has also been a focus, so we’ve streamlined both the initial install and further configuration processes.”

They continue in their mission to ensure the highest level of security in their software by proactively addressing any possible vulnerabilities, with added permissions for BSM security, removing the “default” user setting, and setting the highest security per default. The initial install process has been simplified and customers now have the option to create an admin user and set username and password. Agentless monitoring has also been greatly enhanced for SNMP-enabled devices.

The sheer scalability of op5 Monitor has also been improved upon. It is now possible to schedule downtime for large scale installations with more than 1000 devices simultaneously, and the development team has taken the initial step for improved poller / peer communication and compatibility. op5 Monitor systems with large amounts of users / sysadmins will also see a marked improvement in the speed of their load times.

The company have also progressed in making changes in preparation for adding support for Red Hat / CentOS 7, polished the NagVis display for certain browsers and improved widget layout on the op5 Monitor Tactical overview.

The update for op5 Monitor is now available for installation.

op5 Standard: Easy to deploy, even easier to maintain

In conjunction with the updates to their base product, op5 have also released a new stand-alone solution. op5 Standard is the ideal monitoring product for medium-sized businesses, with all the core parts of a professional, enterprise-grade monitoring solution available in one easy-to-implement, affordable package. Server, infrastructure and application monitoring all come standard, as well as alarms and notifications, dashboard and NOC views, trend analysis and more.

op5 Standard is also future-proof, which is a vital advantage for businesses that foresee expanding the scope of their monitoring system – the product is easily upgraded to add more IP addresses or features. op5 Standard is now available for purchase through the op5 Webshop.

op5 Apps and op5Live: Access your data from anywhere

Eagerly anticipated updates to the op5 apps as well as the popular SaaS product op5Live will also be released in the coming weeks.

The company revealed some advance details of their update for the op5 Monitor App (IOS / Android), including the ability to store your access credentials, support for access to multiple op5 Monitor systems directly in the app, a general upgrade to support latest Apache Cordova, UX improvements and minor bug fixes.

The new version of op5 Monitor Live v1.0 will include the ability to export performance data in .CSV, SLA reports both in Graphs and numbers, browser tab alarm notifications and improved and updated checks for both Amazon & Google services.

The popular messaging app Slack will also be supported as a means of notification, and a new simple management pack allows for direct and seamless integration with op5 Monitor Enterprise.

op5 offers server monitoring solutions that help IT staff gain control over their operations and deliver more effective IT services for better business. Whether operating in a small but business critical IT environment or fulfilling the needs of a large organization with distributed hardware, applications and services, the op5 products monitor anything and everything. op5 customers around the world benefit from fully-supported solutions that are open and easily implemented, yet scalable for future needs. For more information about op5: http://www.op5.com
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