op5 tackles data center monitoring challenges at Gartner IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit 2016

National Harbor, MD  – op5 continues to aim their sights at a strengthened US expansion as they attend the IOM Summit today as sponsors for the event.

Co-founders Jan Josephson and Fredrik Åkerström join Country President Theresa Henson, as well as Senior Account and Channel Sales Manager Jason Hagood on location in Maryland to attend the Summit. op5 considers the most urgent priorities in 2016 for IT/Ops managers to be increased security, connectivity and automation, and the team looks forward to elaborating on how op5 Monitor addresses each of these concerns.

“op5 Monitor is one of those rare technologies that can truly be said to be future-proof,” said Andreas Månsson, Head of Digital Marketing & Web Strategy at op5. “We’ve continued to be on the cutting-edge of emerging trends – we’ve embracing wearables with notifications and alarms sent directly to Smartwatches or other peripherals. Meanwhile, security is another hot topic. The op5 R&D team’s continuous release schedule allows us to quickly address security concerns, and our development within the software itself echoes that same dedication to security.”

The op5 team will also address the challenge of monitoring the evolving infrastructure of data centers, a pain point identified by Gartner which will only continue to grow in the near future.

op5 Monitor is massively scalable, extremely secure and offers a solid unified view of all monitored objects in a single dashboard. These qualities make it the ideal enterprise monitoring solution for data centers, allowing companies to proactively monitor physical, virtual servers, applications, bandwidth and networks. Even if the data center infrastructure consists of thousands of virtual machines, switches, multi-vendor storage, server and applications, op5 Monitor provides unified monitoring to meet those demands.

op5 will be on site until May 12th, meeting with attendees.

About Gartner IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit 2016

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