There is no match to Adra’s Software Solutions

Adra, a leading provider of cloud solutions for Enhanced Finance Controls and Automation Software (EFCA) has changed its legal name from Adra Match to Adra Software, in recognition of the multiple solutions it now provides to finance departments of multi-national companies in 30 countries across the globe. Continue reading

op5 solves the monitoring puzzle with seamless integration for hybrid IT

As IT environments become increasingly complicated, it is vital for monitoring tools to work together, with seamless integration and shared architecture. Simplicity in the complex has always been a key phrase for Swedish software developer op5. Today they announce the biggest product launch in the company’s history, and truly unified monitoring is at the heart of their announcement. Continue reading

Timer Group improves business with a single unified view of web services

Timer Group AB offers cloud-based services in Work Force Management, Booking, and HRM features. The services are easy to use with a unique and simple interface and overall straightforward user experience. However, when things are designed to look and feel easy for the user, this generally means that the backend is an advanced stack of integrated systems on different platforms and with direct integration points to 3rd party systems.  Continue reading

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